Welcome to Osaka!


​Charms of Osaka

There are so many Sightseeing spots and Gourmet such as Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki. And you can feel history and culture there. Moreover, if you go to downtown area, local folks welcome you. You can be satisfied with it!​




6Chome-21-57 Huzita, Moriguchi, Osaka


​Osaka Castle

The cherry blossoms at the main gate are beautiful in spring. From 8th floor, you can overlooking the city of Osaka. At night, you’re able to see the castle that light up every day.



”Tsutenkaku” is a observatory tower that is a symbol of Osaka. In 1912, the first Tsutenkaku was built. It's about 75m heights.  Nangaku Huzisawa named this. It means 'A tall building leading to heaven'. Afterward, this tower was rebuilt. And now, it has 105m heights. There is a observatory around Osaka. Top of this tower has a round neon. It knows tomorrow's weather.



Rinku town​

Rinku town is built in front of Kansai Airport. 

If you have extra time or transit by departure, let’s go shopping there. Mainly, “Rinku Premium Outlets” where we can buy brand goods cheaply.There is in above 160 grocery stores, clothing stores and so on such as “AEON Mall Rinku Sennan”.And we can bathe in the sea like “Tarui Southern Beach”.



Tennoji Zoo

There are about 180 kinds of animals and 1000 animals. It has really rare animals to breed in the world like Kiwi, a flightless bird and Francois’ leaf monkey with a long tail. Then the park was renewed, March 2021, so it’s beautiful.



Sennan Long Park

Sennan Long Park has a variety of facilities. You can enjoy soccer, basketball, skating, and so on such as “Activity Area”.

There is restaurant with terrace seats, BBQ, Camping Ground like “Community Area”.“Marche Area” where you can eat food using local ingredients and buy handmade goods.And we can go Sennan Long Park where you can stay. For example, there has Villa managing “URBAN CAMP HOTEL Marble Beach”. Why don’t you make exciting memories in there.

泉南ロングパークでは、サッカーやバスケットボール、スケートなどを楽しむことができる「アクティビティエリア」、レストランやバーベキュー、キャンプ場などがある「コミュニティエリア」、地元ならではの食材を楽しむことができる「マルシェエリア」、「URBAN CAMP HOTEL Marble Beach」が運営する、全室オーシャンビューの独立型ヴィラがある「グランピングエリア」など、楽しい思い出をつくることができる場所がたくさんあります。

Daisen Park

Daisen Park next to the Daisen Ancient Tomb has a Japanese garden, tea room and museum. There are rows of cherry blossom trees and ginkgo trees, so you can see the beautiful scenery of each season. If the timing is right, you can  enjoy tea and Japanese sweets while looking at the scenery.